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Gas Leak Detection Solutions

Honeywell Analytics has been protecting people who put their lives on the line every day for more than 50 years. Honeywell Analytics system is designed to provide reliable gas detection solutions suited to meet your unique challenges. Innovation, adaptability, and a strong commitment to service and understanding of customer's unique needs ensures that Honeywell remains the premier provider of gas detection solutions.


Honeywell Analytics


As the gas detection experts, Honeywell Analytics brings together nearly 200 collective years of expertise in design, manufacturing and technology. Adaptability and innovation are key themes at Honeywell Analytics. The company’s comprehensive product range has an option suited to every type of application or industry. In addition, a strong commitment to service and understanding the unique needs of its customers ensures that Honeywell Analytics remains the premier provider of gas detection solutions, and a name that is synonymous with excellence.

Gas Detection Solutions for toxic gases, combustible gases, refrigerants, and monitoring indoor air quality. Safeguard building occupants and assets, manage energy consumption, extend green building practices and improve indoor air quality.

Applications Include: Parking Structures, Battery Rack Rooms, Mechanical Rooms, Commercial Kitchens, Office Towers, Commercial Buildings, Shopping Centers, Refrigeration, Swimming Pools, Golf Courses, Schools, Laboratories, Clean Rooms, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Water and Wastewater Treatment.

Case Study: Parking Garage


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