LLEJ Equipment, Inc. - Providing Leak Detection Systems Sales and Services for New England

Market Building Owners

We work closely with the owners’ representatives and engineers to address the direct concerns and requests for each individual project.

Consulting Engineers

At LLEJ, we understand that design engineers are tasked with creating project drawings, details, and specifications for many complex systems within a building.  More importantly they need reliable systems that protect their clients (the building owners) from liability and unnecessary losses or downtime and they need to complete the drawings FAST!

LLEJ sales representatives are always available to assist your system design process by answering questions, reviewing potential system layouts, providing application specific book specs, master specs, and sample drawings.

With so many systems to specify for a building, it is difficult for design engineers to stay current with ongoing product changes and expansions of capabilities across many manufacturers. The LLEJ team is available to assist with system designs that create solutions that are easily scalable and expandable to grow with buildings and tenants ever changing needs.

LLEJ Equipment also recommends scheduling an office demo (lunch & learn) of our product offerings so our sales team can answer any hands-on questions that consultants may have about our systems (not just data sheets).  We are here to help resolve the challenges you face as design engineers to help you do a better job for your clients! Contact us today to schedule a lunch and learn.

General Contractors and Construction Managers

When general contractors and construction managers select LLEJ the job is done right by their subcontractors because our representatives are available to discuss the project and any changes from the original plans to the actual as-built construction.

Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors

Many times the installing contractor has not previously worked with our systems. LLEJ provides pre-construction system installation instructions to the contractor so that the plan of attack is universally understood. For example, with the TraceTek system, it is nice to have reps explain that although rugged, the cable wires they are installing are sensors and as such should be handled with care.

Facility Managers

We want to train the group that maintains the building systems after the project has been completed and everyone else has left. Often times, the facility managers are left to respond when a monitoring alarm is triggered and the manager is not familiar with the system. For example, with the TraceTek system, a small leak can be corrected when you understand your leak detection system to prevent minor troubles and small leaks from growing into large and costly problems. LLEJ also offers and recommends preventative maintenance (PM) contracts to ensure your system is operating properly.


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